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El Fin De Mi Vida/ the Limits of Enchantment : Graham Joyce :

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The Limits of Enchantment a Novel by Graham Joyce 9780753819296

Shared in Network This resource is rare in the Library. The point is that there should be more than enough magic in the world for everyone, without recourse to 'the little people' or sorcery, if we'd only look around -- as Mammy tells us -- and open our eyes to it. Fern, the central character of The Limits of Enchantment , has had her eyes opened perhaps a little too much, having been bought up by Mammy, a very old-fashioned 'wise woman', midwife and keeper of secrets.

Living in the Midlands in the mid-sixties s, that is! The two of them are living on the edge of a society that is changing, one that has little room or tolerance for their old-fashioned ways. I don't want to say much more about The Limits of Enchantment because I can't possibly do it justice and might risk setting genre alarm bells ringing -- and that would be entirely my fault, not the author's. Graham Joyce writes with an ease and a rhythm that most writers can only dream of. Characters, situations and compassion drip from these pages, yet never do they seem laboured or forced.

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Humour is found in perfectly ordinary situations, just as most of us find humour in our lives. In fact, that's what Joyce's books are -- big, generous slices of life, still warm from the oven of his mind. So I'll just say this: if you're a living, breathing human being who enjoys reading books then go and read The Limits of Enchantment. For as Mammy pertinently says:.